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Lesser-Known Hacks for Making Bowel Movements Easier

Lesser-Known Hacks for Making Bowel Movements Easier

Most of the time it feels like we have absolutely no control over our digestion or the inner workings of our intestines. 

If you regularly drink water and eat fiber but it doesn’t seem to affect the frequency or consistency of your bowel movements, you may feel like there’s nothing else you can do. However, you actually have a lot of control over your bowel movements, whether you realize it or not. 

So, if you’ve been struggling with infrequent or difficult bowel movements, Ven Kottapalli, MD, CNSP, and the rest of our team at GI Physicians, Inc. in Lima, Ohio, want to offer some hacks you might not know for improving your bowel movements.

You may not always need fiber

Some people find that fiber makes them feel even more bloated and blocked up. If this is the case for you, don’t keep adding more fiber in hopes it’ll solve your constipation issue. Sometimes, people’s bowels just move things more slowly, and fiber can exacerbate that problem. 

Try cutting back on fiber to see if this could be a possible solution for you.

Change your bathroom posture

Many people swear that propping their legs up while on the toilet eases their bowel movement process. This probably happens because adjusting the angle of your legs changes the angle of your colon. 

Try utilizing a stool or a few thick books to get your knees higher than the toilet seat. 

Know when it’s “that time”

Your brain actually has a lot of power over your bowel movements. Each person has their own unique bio-rhythms for bowel movements. So, as soon as you feel the urge, pay attention to your inner cues and don’t put it off, no matter how inconvenient. Stifling your bowel movement urge can worsen constipation and lead to hemorrhoids.

You may even do what you can to encourage bowel movements at the same time every day by eating a large meal or drinking warm beverages right before. 

Don’t skip the simple solutions

Even though drinking more water, changing your diet, and exercising more regularly seem like no-brainer treatments for improved bowel movements, make sure you don’t skip over them. There’s a reason these hacks are go-to solutions for improving bowel movements. 

So, when in doubt, try adding more water, exercise, and even a probiotic to the other previously mentioned tips to set yourself up for success. 

See our team for constipation relief

If you find that these solutions don't work to improve your bowel movements, our team would love to discuss further treatment options with you. Schedule an appointment by calling our office or booking online today. 


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